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Flashback: Organic Farming

This post was written at the tail end of apple picking season last year and is another great option for picking your own apples this year. Have you been to Ferme Dagenais?

by Misty

We made a recent trip to Ferme Dagenais in Embrun, Ontario, and exprienced a little taste of organic farming. Originally slated as an apple picking adventure, we quickly realized upon arrival that all the apples had been picked. We were given a long pole with metal prongs and a bag attached, and told “you might get some if you work really hard!”

When visiting a local farm, it’s best to call ahead, even if you have taken the time to browse their website (many small farms don’t even have websites). Pick-your-own produce tends to go fast, and it’s disappointing to make a long trip only to come home empty handed.

Fortunately this trip was not a disappointing one, as we discovered many parts of the farm where our little girl could run and explore.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the sweet dog-in-residence. She followed us around the whole lot, occasionally flopping over for a belly rub.

Next was the chicken coup, where we were greeted by the two lone geese and countless chickens.

The donkey had his say, serenading us with extraordinarily loud “hee-haws.” The little one found this hilarious.

In addition to this, there were pasture and barns for goats, cows, and turkeys, and a coop for laying hens. I also noticed a beautiful experimental garden, bee hives and a little cage of rabbits.

Farme Dagenais is a biodynamic farm – which attempts to balance the interrelationship between soil, plants and animals, while avoiding any external inputs (e.g. artificial fertilizers and pesticides). Although not every product may be certified organic, all things grown and sold from this farm are deemed “natural.” When it comes to produce such as apples – one of the “dirty dozen” for their pesticide residues – it’s sometimes worth the trip further outside of town.

As a bonus, we spent some time browsing the on-site natural food store “Le Tournesol,” run by Osteopath Sylvain Dagenais.

To find out more about Ferme Dagenais, visit http://www.fermedagenais.com/.

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The other really fun farm

by Alicia

Mention the word farm and E is totally game.  Last weekend he was a bit confused as to what farm he was going to – Grandma and Grandpa’s or the Agricultural Museum? It was neither – I switched it up and we made a trip to the Valleyview Little Animal Farm.

We arrived when the line was forming for the Valleyview Express train ride and stayed long enough to catch a puppet show. E loved both activities, but loved exploring the playground the best.

He looked through every window and nook he could find,
he went down all the slides all by himself and drove the Tonka trucks around the sand,
he loved running and jumping through the tunnel,

and feeding the goats.


We hadn’t been since last July and I think E had much more fun the second time around. Being that much older and able to roam and climb on his own, he had a blast. Just like last year though, he drove every play truck and tractor there was and played in each play house and barn.  It was so fun seeing how this place will never get tiring!

This visit was kind of last minute and I didn’t have it on my Summer of Awesome list, but it is definitely a place we will visit each year.
Alicia is Mom to E (2) and blogs at I Found My Feet.
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International Museum Day: May 18

by Sasha

© Canadian Museum of Nature

Did you know that tomorrow is International Museum Day? We are lucky to so have many world-class museums right here in Ottawa, not to mention a wide range of community museums scattered throughout the region. Why not visit one? Admission to the museums of Nature and Science and Technology will be free, and there will be special activities at the Museum of Civilization and the War Museum.

Or if the 18th doesn’t work for you, here are some other free ways into Ottawa area museums:

The Ottawa Public Library lends passes for the Museums of Civilization, Science and Technology, Nature, and the National Gallery. The passes cover a family of 4-5 (the OPL catalogue has the specifics for each pass). They tend to be hot commodities, but at any given time there tend to be a half dozen or so checked-in at various branches throughout the city. So why not play museum roulette: pick a pass that’s available at a branch near you, and off you go! Just search for ‘Museum Pass’ in the online catalogue.

Admission to the Museum of Civilization (including the Children’s Museum) and the Canadian War Museum, is free every Thursday from 4 until 8pm. It is also free on Canada Day (July 1) and Remembrance Day (November 11).

The Museum of Nature is also free on Thursday afternoons (from 5 to 8 pm), as well as on Earth Day (April 22), and Canada Day (July 1).

The Museum of Science and Technology doesn’t have a weekly freebie, but they are free on Canada Day (July 1).

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum and the Agriculture Museum are free from 4 to 5pm. Every day. How cool is that? And the Agriculture Museum is also free on Canada Day.

The National Gallery (including the Museum of Contemporary Photography) is free on Thursdays after 5, and for children under 12 all the time.

What is your favourite Ottawa-area museum?

Sasha is mom to 2-year-old Miss Bea, and 4 month old Baby Em.  Her ramblings can also be found on her blog, The Rambling Stroller.