May : what you might have missed

We had another fabulous month at Kids in the Capital. We love that so many of our readers are contributing posts and sharing their favourite things to do with their kids! We know it's hard to check in every day, so here is a recap of what we saw this month!

Activities for Kids

Fun and free things to do with your kids are always useful to have in your arsenal. This month we learned about guerilla parenting, mall walking, pooh sticks and making it everybody's birthday.

Although not as fun, an important thing to do with your kids is to create an emergency preparedness plan for your family.

Attractions and Museums

Did you know there are cats living at Parliament Hill? And did you know that the Museum of Nature's five years of renovations are over and it's time to rediscover the museum in its full glory?


With summer fast approaching and camping season starting we got two different points of view.  We got some great tips for camping with kids and we learned all about the KOA.

Cooking and crafts

This month we made bubbles and zucchini chocolate chip muffins.


We had our first giveaways at Kids in the Capital. The contests may be over, but the two local businesses are still worth checking out, so have a read about Anna Epp Photography and Apples'n'Oranges.


We had our first meetup this month and it was fabulous! We're having another one  on June 5th at Brewer's Park.

Parenting tips

Make bath time fun with colour!


We continued our photography challenge this month with weeks 4,5,6, and 7. And there's a photography meet up soon - on June 16 at Parliament Hill!


We learned about two more playgroups this month, the Children's Garden on Main Street and Charlemagne Child Care Service in Orleans


These events may have come and gone, but they were loads of fun and they'll be back next year: Sheep shearing, the Tulip Festival and Victoria Day Festival


There are so many great services for kids in the city and we've loved discovering more of them. We sang with Monkey Rock, ate delicious food at the Green Door, made crafts at Wabi Sabi, went to a ball game, did some gardening and went shopping for toys!

See you next month!