What are Ottawa's favourite parks?

Balena park

Balena park

As parents in Ottawa (probably everywhere) parks are a big part of our lives. We have great parks in Ottawa, but it gets tiring going back to the same ones every day. That's why we've loved getting our audience (readers like you!) to help us out by identifying the best parks around the city.

Our past blog posts about Ottawa parks are some of the most popular posts on our site. We wanted to update our information on the best parks to visit - especially as a lot of us are getting ready to plan our summer outings.

Top four parks in Ottawa for kids

Last year we did a survey and the top four parks in Ottawa are:

Brewer Park

Walter Baker Park

Andrew Haydon Park

Millenium Park

Would you agree?

More Ottawa parks

We have SO many fabulous parks in Ottawa, and although the ones above have been voted the "best" check out our list below for the runner-ups. If you have a park that you love and would like to write about it for us, email us at kidsinthecapital@gmail.com! (The articles below are from way back - many were written in 2010 and 2011! We'd love an update of how your parks have changed, and what's new!)

Balena Park

Big Bird Park

Carp Splash Pad

Gerald Poulin Park

Glebe "Tot Lot" (5th and O'Connor)


St Luke's