My park: The Tot Lot

by Donna

We live super close to a fantastic park.  Known around the Glebe as the Tot Lot, it is found at the corner of Fifth and O'Connor and has many things going for it:

1) It is entirely fenced. Yay for being able to let the kids run as they wish and not worry that they might wander away.

2) The structure is super friendly to tots and there are also swings, teeter totters, and a huge sand area.  The lot is kitty corner to a firestation, which is a huge draw when the trucks pull in and out.  I love seeing kids piled into the south east corner of the park, noses to the fence as trucks do their thing.

3) The park is super popular and a real focal point for families in the area. The last few weeks have been fantastic seeing families we haven't seen in months.  The kids have grown and it's been wonderful catching up.

4) For me, this park = the community I always wanted to have for my kids.  Besides all the informal chatting and sharing that goes on, weekly, a family picnic takes place during the warm months.  Pizza is usually ordered, and everyone brings food for sharing.  The kids have gotten to know one another over the last few years, as have the parents involved.  The mama who organizes the picnics has made a vocal argument on many ocassions that community has to be built, and these picnics at this park have been instrumental in the way I look at my neighbours and at this lovely little park.

5) We choose to live in a very urban area, to live in a walkable area.  This comes with a small yard, so the park has become an extension of our outdoor space.  We have had birthday parties there, family bbqs, and many many planned meetups.

6) Time flies when you're having fun, and I can't tell you how many hours have been spent at this little park.  It's my favourite place in the neighbourhood!  So come on by next time you're in the Glebe!  There's a good chance I'll be there, running after my two little ones. Hope to see you!

Donna is the mama of two lovely little gals, Big M and little m, 3.5 and 1.5.  She is the co-author of Kindred Crafters, a blog about crafting.