The secrets to successfully clipping babies' nails

by Eric

Nail clipping can be an arduous event. Babies wiggle, whine, squirm away. and twenty minutes later you still have the other hand to do. The toes come next, can't forget the- come on, just let me clip your - okay, forget this, we'll do toes later. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe when you realize how hard it is to crawl when your talons are catching in the carpet. You just enjoy your mismatched pedicure, okay?

My secret to getting through this twenty-digit Lernæan task is distraction: Hello, internet flash videos!

Space is Fun Level 1 distraction (3 to 5 nails*)

If I had a nickel for every person who didn't love space worms harmonizing on a spinning meteor, I would owe money. This one gets kids from other rooms rushing in to get their nails clipped too.

A Lost Dog Finds his Way Home Level 2 distraction (4-10 nails)

This cute tale can usually get you through both hands on a sedate baby, but let's be realistic. Contains fun for the whole family! Also includes a demonic duck and an anthropomorphic cigarette, which my 3 year old calls the "funny stick with a face".

Ninja Level 3 distraction (9-18 nails)

This video is so awesome an Argentinian ad agency plagiarized the music and design to advertise for Coca Cola.

Mango! Level ∞ (20+ nails)

That's right, that plus is not a typo - since Mango is on a loop, you can get a lot out of it - especially if you're looking to get the song "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies out of your head (sorry about that).

* Please note that these are rough estimates of babies who don't decide the music means it's DANCING TIME!

Eric is dad to 3.5 year old Kiernan and 11 month old twins Quinn and Juliette.