A Gym Tale - Birthday Parties and play

by Chantal A Gym Tale is a play gym located in Barrehaven.  My 4 year old son had already attended two birthday parties there and when it came time to decide where to host his party he insisted his be there as well.  We have fluctuated between parties in our home and out.  I like the idea of a party outside our home, but often the cost was a deterrent.  We have had D's (almost 9 years old) parties at a glow in the dark mini-put location, and a skating rink.  Both were okay as far as I was concerned, the kids loved them but they were busy stressful for Kevin and myself.   M had never had a party outside our home.  When he suggested A Gym Tale we decided to agree. With D2 just 3 months old, we  could use all the help we could get.  A Gym Tale impressed me.

The party was two hours long.  It started with 30 minutes of free play in the play structure area.  While the kids had a blast running and playing I looked around and was very impressed with how clean the structures were.  The second half hour was spent in the "Enchanted Forest" which is a fenced off play area.  Your Party Champion joins you in this play area and the kids spend a fun filled 30 minutes doing activities based around your chosen theme.  M's theme was Star Wars.  We then moved into our private party room where the kids enjoyed their lunch and M opened his presents.

There were a few things that impressed me about the party at A Gym Tale.  First and foremost was the Party Champion.  This was not just a facilitator who brought you the drinks and hot dogs when it was time to eat.  This was a real deal party host.  Our host was so enthusiastic and fun.  She did a great job of getting the kids to run around the obstacle course and getting them all pumped for the battle with the space alien!  It was 30 minutes of pure fun.  When we moved into the private room she took care of the food, drink and the cake.  She then organized the kids for the gift opening and added a nice touch of having each gift giver sit next to M while he opened their gift.  When the gift opening was done we still had 10 minutes on the clock.  She could have easily just sent the kids back out to play but instead she got out some props and did some magic tricks for the kids.  My husband and another parent helped out when needed but she was completely in control.  Considering I was alternately holding and nursing a 3 month old I found the Party Champion made this party worth every penny.

A Gym Tale isn't only about birthday parties.  They have drop in play, play groups, nursery school, after school day care and even Kids (read: parents) night out activities.  If you are interested definitely check out the web site for more info.  I know we will be going back there for some drop in play time. I envision me and few other moms chatting at the table area while our kids play happily. Yes I do!