ABC Challenge : Week 5

Last week we had our first Kids in the Capital meet up and I got to meet some of the lovely participants of the ABC Challenge.  I hope to meet more of you at upcoming meet ups! Keep your eyes open for one in June.

Photography tip - losing the cheese

I think Kiernan was barely two when he started saying cheese whenever I pulled out the camera. Except, "cheese" smiles, they aren't very nice smiles.

The trick is to get their natural smiles out. I generally act like a goof - and this article fully supports that strategy! And sometimes you just need to be patient.  This shot of Kiernan was him grinning in amusement right before telling me he'd been drinking water out of the water table....  ah well, whatever works right? I LOVE this photo!

O is for outside

Do you have any great methods for getting great smiles? And, are there any topics you'd like me try to cover? Let me know!

My two picks for this week

D is for discovery

Juliette, enthralled by the beautiful tulip. Quinn by.... his shoe.

D is for discovery

E is for eating

She might be smaller, but she's the boss around here. "you. eat this. now."

E is for eating

Participants' photos

449:1000 Yoshiback rideI love this photo by Dani. It screams brotherly love :) R is for riding by Danigirl

I love the lighting here. Sometimes we forget the subject doesn't need to be looking at the camera for a great photo I think.

G is for green by jhscrapmom

Week four - I is for inside

Helloooo down there! I is for inside by stella0017

I really like the angles on this shot. P is for playing by eisangel

I love how people are interpreting the themes! Check out R is for riding and V is for vehicles and how different everyone's takes are!

As always, it’s never to late too join the challenge. We hope you’ll play along!

Lara is the mom to 3.5 year old Kiernan and 1 year old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can find her at her blog Gliding Through Motherhood.