Main Farmers' Market

by Brie I love a good market. The fresh, local produce. Homemade and mouth-watering baked goods. The chance to shop outdoors. All things to love. Even when it rains. Then I just grab my umbrella and keep shopping!

Most Saturday mornings we head to the Main Farmers' Market in Old Ottawa East to peruse the stalls and pick up some goodies. Located in the parking lot of St. Paul's University, the market runs from 9am to 2pm every Saturday between May 9th and October 31st.

This market isn't as big as the one at Landsdowne, but I kind of like that. They still offer a good selection of local produce, eggs, plants and flowers, apples and baking. (And when I say local I mean it. All vendors grow or produce their products within 100 miles of Old Ottawa East.) There are even a few stalls selling prepared food that you can grab and eat at one of the nearby picnic tables. And we make it a point to always do that!

We have a system for a successful market visit. The husband and I make the rounds once with the kids and then they head off to gorge themselves on fresh strawberries or peas while I finish up the shopping.  It is a system that works well for everyone. Especially the kids.

If you plan to visit the market on June 19th you can also experience the Main Event community party held on the ground of St. Paul's. And it really is a main event. You will find wagon rides, children’s games, bouncy castle, music, BBQ, and an arts and crafts sale . We visited last year and had a great time. My favorite memory is watching the then 3-year-old girl watch Highland dancing, absolutely enthralled by what she was seeing.

Nope, you can't beat a visit to the market. Which is why you will probably see me there.

Brie is the mom of a 3.5 year old daughter “the girl” and twenty-one month old son “the boy”. You can read her blog at Capital Mom.