My park: Millenium park

by Joanne

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Like all kids my munchkins love to go the park. They want to play basketball, climb on the structures and swing – they love it all and enjoy every moment.   In our neighbourhood we have three parks in walking distance, the “parc bleu” (as my 4-year-old refers to it) has a blue structure and is always a favourite, especially when we take a hike on the nature trail.  The “parc d’Adrien” (again not the official name) is across the street from Adrien’s house and is a lot of fun.  But when the kids have been super good and we are want to spoil them a bit – I pack a water bottle, grab my lawn chair, some snacks and head to the Millennium Park.

Millennium Park is located in Orleans – on Trim road just a few minutes south of Innes Road.  As you drive up you can see the wonderful structures.  Now, this is not just any ordinary park. There are soccer fields and swings, but also two amazing play structures that will impress kids (and parents) of all ages.

The first one you see is a pirate ship;  it is the smaller of two but lots of fun for all ages.  My son slides, climbs and imagines he is the captain of his beautiful vessel.

The second structure is a replica of the Parliament Buildings  and has three levels to play in – a very impressive two storey slide from the top brings them down to the front of the structure.  The kids (and parents) can climb and slide to their heart's content.  I will grab a blanket or a lawn chair so I can keep an eye on them from below.

There is not a lot of shade at the park so keep that in mind if you are there during the hot hazy days of summer.

Joanne is the proud mom of Amélie (8 years old) and Mathieu (4 years).  She is new at blogging and you can find her at Our Money Pit