ABC Challenge: week 10

Photography tip Locations

I thought it would be great to share some great spots to go to get really great family pictures. I put the question out on facebook and Danielle suggested the Arboretum.  I am embarrassed to say I'd never been!  So Sara and I decided to check it out.   Trees, shade, open spaces, river, flowers - what a gorgeous gorgeous spot!  And even without particularly cooperative subjects I got some great photos!! (I also would recommend this is a great spot to bring your kids just to run around and explore and run off energy :)

She looks sad, but it kind of makes the photo I think :)

Down by the river

No kids, but I love this.

So much room to run and run!

I could have done an entire post on just this place - we may have to eventually. I didn't even tell you about squirrel town!

Next week - Mackenzie King Estate

My two picks for this week

H is for hugging - these are the moments that make it all worthwhile.... until the strangling and hitting starts ;)

H is for hugging

N is for night. - I was so excited to get a sleeping photo of him. I used to be jealous of sleeping photos because I would never risk waking my kids by taking one. And now he's an awesome sleeper and didn't budge when I took half a dozen photos of him :)

11 : 365 N is for night Participants' photos

480:1000 Lucas reflected Z is for zoom by Dani. I love the lighting and the creativity of this shot. So fun!

49:365, Swinging S is for swinging by Sara. I SO need to figure out how to shoot on manual. Very cool effect.

H is for hug H is for hugging by Lilypilly.  My oh my that's a cute puppy!

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