ABC Challenge : week 11

Only two weeks left!! I can't believe I only need to take four more photos and we will have completed the challenge!! I'm excited to announce that we are going to be featuring some of the ABC Challenge photos at Blog Out Loud this year.  Read my discussion group post on FLICKR to let me know if I can use any of your photos and to recommend which photos we should use!

Photography Tip

Wednesday got here way too fast this week and I didn't make it to the MacKenzie King Estate in time to take photos.  So we're going with a fall back/discussion tip this week.

What do you do with your photos when you take them out of your camera? I posted in the first week about how I use Picasa.  I know a lot of you use other programs like Photoshop (and/or Photoshop Elements) and LightRoom.  It would be fabulous if people would share what they do.

- Do you tweak your photos or always just live them as they were when you took them?

- How do you sort/store your photos?

- Do you have any tips or links to web sites with tips that would be good to share?

Let us know!

My two photos

M is for mealtime M is for mealtime

Z is for zoom Z is for zoom

Participants' posts

uh oh-1 Can you even imagine finding your 18 month old like this!? B is for books or C is for climbing (you choose! :) by Muddyboots

F is for Friends F is for friends by Stella - so sweet.

monday evening N is for night by jhscrapmom. Such neat lighting!

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