Splish Splash

by Erin We just got a brand new splash pad in my neighbourhood!! It was added to an existing park with a play structure and swings.

Did you know that the City of Ottawa has almost 100 splash pads?

You can find a map of all the locations here.

Miss K has been a little...ummm..."weary" of the water this summer. I believe it might have something to do with an unfortunate incident during out spring visit to Newfoundland where Mommy sat her on a large rock on the beach as the tide was coming in. I did get some awesome photos until she realized that there was water pooling up around her and fell off said rock in an escape attempt. (Note: I was within arms reach, and the water was very calm and shallow. I am a good parent, I promise.)

I had hoped that by taking her to some of the Ottawa's awesome splash pads I might get her reacquainted with the water and boost her confidence. Luckily, my plan worked.

If you haven't already spent some of your summer hanging out at a Splash Pad, I highly recommend that you plan a visit or two before September comes. I have seen children of all ages, from babies to tweens, having a blast playing in the water. Even if you don't currently have one in your neighbourhood, the is bound to be one within a short driving distance.

Don't forget your sunscreen!

Erin is mom to 2 (almost 3) year old "Miss K" and 6 month old "Mister J". You can read her blog at My Suburban Adventure