August : what you might have missed

Activities for kids So many more great places to go with your kids were covered this month.  A ride on the Rideau Canal, a visit to the Governor General's, we visited the fair, went to Brewer park, discovered a great community playgroup, hunted bugs at the Billings Estate and even a trip to a fabulous Asian food store.

We also found out about fun things to do with your kids : use skype to keep in touch, throw a fairy party, make paper boats, and listen to audio books.


We had a bloghop and so many great Ottawa blogs linked up. Go and have a look and say hello while you're there!

Classes for kids

Have you thought about having your child learn a language? Brie tells us how her daughter learned Japanese this summer and about great language programs in the City.

Joanne tells us about the martial arts classes her son takes and the Ottawa Lions Sports program her daughter takes part in.

Let's get together

We've got a meetup up scheduled for the long weekend to go apple picking at Cannamore Orchards. We'd love to see you there!

Our Kids in the Capital Tuesday morning playdates are continuing! We'd love to see you there too! :)

Splish Splash

Calypso is great fun, but possibly not the best fit for your non-daredevil young ones. Mont Cascades was also a great bet for summer fun.

There are great splash pads all around the city - do you take your kids to any?


We were thrilled to add Spoiled Sugar to our sponsors this month. She has some amazingly cute stuff in her shop - definitely worth checking out!

Nayla Natural Care did a giveaway for some Kinderville products. The contest is over, but the review is great and worth a read!

Summer of Awesome

Lynn has continued to have an amazing summer hitting the Carp Farmer's Market, Saunders Farm, the Changing of the guard, the Centennial branch of the Ottawa Public Library, and then also did some backyard camping!  Lynn, will you be following up this amazing summer with the Fall of Fabulous? ;)

Yummy deliciousness

We made muffins with Sara and Vicky told us about a great place to get fabulous cakes.

We can't wait to see what the next month brings.