Spoiled Sugar is giving it away!

The giveaway is now closed! The winner has been contacted. Are you ready for this? It is going to be good.

We are excited to be hosting a giveaway for one of our sponsors, Spoiled Sugar!

Have a boy? You could win: your choice of beanie (excluding the owl, two snack bags, a onesie of your choice, a bib and a pacifier clip or an extra bib. Have a girl? You could win: your choice of beanie (excluding the owl), a snack bag, one “Cindy Clips” of your choice, one “Sassy Clip Halloween Clip” of your choice, a bib and a onesie.

Since we wanted to be able to tell you how fabulous Spoiled Sugar products are and not just show you, Brigitte provided Kids in the Capital with a collection of items to review. Thank you to one of our bloggers Chantal for undertaking the arduous work of reviewing for us! Here's what Chantal had to say:

I was privileged to be asked to review some products from Kids in the Capital's sponsor Spoiled Sugar. I received a bag full of goodies.

 My apologies for the terrible photo. My camera is being challenging these days, maybe some day I will be asked to review a DSLR... a woman can dream can't she! LOL

Okay Back to Spoiled Sugar.

Spoiled Sugar owner Brigitte Cusson is the busy Ottawa mom of a 4-year-old boy and 10 month old triplets. You read that right, triplets. She started the store as a way to source handmade unique items for her triplets and to share them with the rest of us. Her store is chock full of adorable items. I was particularly drawn to the wooden teething toys and the sippy cup straps!

I couldn't wait to put the onesie on my boy. He is so cute in it. He doesn't use a pacifier but recently has begun to throw his toys out of his car seat when we are out driving. The clip has come in super handy for this and it is so cute. My 5-year-old is anxious to use the snack bag to bring his snack to SK on Monday. He loves the guitar theme. He was extra happy to see his brother wearing a bib made of the same material. I go through so many bibs I am glad to have this one and I love the soft terry on the reverse side for wiping up my boys face when we are done eating.

Thanks Chantal!

Since Chantal has three boys and no girls I volunteered my 4-year-old to try out the hair clips that Brigitte is including in the giveaway. There was a point where my girl would rip a clip out of her hair as soon as I put it in, but I am happy to say we have moved past that. I think the cuteness of these clips helped too.

My girl wore the two little button barretts to hold back some of the shorter strands of hair at the front of her face from when I decided I would cut her hair and ended gave her too much bang. Oh, and from where she also decided to cut her own hair. But let's not talk about that.... This little clips would be perfect for babies and girls with short or fine hair.

She also loved the butterfly barrette. At the beginning of the day she wore it clipped right above her ponytail elastic. As the day wore on and her hair started slipping free, I just moved it and clipped back some of those short strands of hair.

Want to try some of the great products from Spoiled Sugar yourself? Then visit Spoiled Sugar and leave a comment here about the item or product you loved best. For additional entries into the giveaway:

- Sign up for the Spoiled Sugar newsletter and receive two extra entries - Be a fan of Spoiled Sugar on Facebook and leave Brigitte a comment telling her your most wanted item for Christmas - Be a fan of Kids in the Capital on Facebook - Tweet I entered the @kidsincapital giveaway to win an awesome gift pack from @SpoiledSugar - Follow Spoiled Sugar on Twitter

The Spoiled Sugar giveaway is open to all Canadians. The winner is eligible to select their fabric and colour choices from all in stock merchandise, however custom orders are not being accepted for this giveaway.

 The giveaway closes on September 18th at 9pm.