Taking your monkey to Two Monkeys Coffee and Tea House

by Amy Joe and I are big fans of hanging out in coffee shops talking and getting work done, so when we first heard about Two Monkeys Coffee and Tea House while I was still pregnant it seemed like a great idea.   Two Monkeys is in Barrhaven in Cedarview Square. It was opened last year by two local parents who wanted to give other parents a place to relax while their children could be entertained. The front of Two Monkeys is just like any other coffee shop, a few tables, a cozier seating area and the counter where you can order countless drinks and tasty treats. Walk down the hallway past the bathrooms, however, and you find a small play area with toys scattered, a blackboard on the wall and soft mats on the floor, as well as couches and chairs where moms and dads can while the kids play.   We go to Two Monkeys a couple of times a month, and we have since the baby girl was born. I found it to be a great place to sit and talk with other moms, especially when mine was the youngest of the group. They have good coffee, great pastries and soups and sandwiches that are healthy and tasty. The staff is very helpful and they do have free wireless for those who like to take along the laptop and get some work done while the kids play.   I do find that Two Monkeys is not great for older kids who may notice the lack of variety in the available toys sooner than little ones. The play space is small and fills up quickly, so it’s not a place to plan a play date, but if mom and dad just want to sit and read the paper while the kid expends a little energy, I would recommend giving Two Monkeys a try.

Amy is mom to 8-month-old Maggie and a 4 year old schnauzer named Henry. You can read her blog at amyboughner.ca where she writes about motherhood and anything else that's on her mind. She loves getting active with her family, including husband Joe who blogs about his dad experiences at Grover's Cape.