Photo tips for a family weekend

by Anna Another fabulous Fall weekend is upon us and if you are anything like me you take advantage of all the wonderful things that Fall has in store for us. Are you going to a Fair this weekend, Pumpkin picking or just a walk in the forest? All of these things give us wonderful opportunities for photos.

Carp Fair

If you are close to Ottawa then you know that the leaves are starting to change and the colours that are out there are amazing. This is a fabulous time to bring your camera with you and capture some of what you see.

Carp Fair

Here are a few tips to help you capture your weekend.

  1. Not every picture has to include people. Sometimes we tend to bring the camera out and only take photos of the children or the family. But, after you take one of those shots turn around and take a picture of what they are looking at. Capture the surroundings as well as the family. This not only allows you to remember what a fabulous place you were visiting, but gives you options for creating a photo collage or album later.
  2. Capture the colours. Fall is like the last hurrah before the trees are bare and the snow arrives (at least up here in the North). Ensure that you get all of the wonderful colours that are out there for us to see. Make a point of getting the reds, yellows and greens.
  3. Fallen leaves. We have had our share of rain up here, but this weekend is calling for some drier weather. Don't be shy to gather up the leaves into a pile and jump in. Have the family throw and gather leaves together and capture all the fun.
  4. And this may be the most important tip I have to offer, hand off that camera! Make sure you there are pictures of you as well as everyone else. Far to often those of us behind the camera get left behind.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anna is a photographer and is offering a "Rock Your Camera" class this November. Love your DSLR but are having trouble getting just the right pictures from it? You are not alone. Join us and learn how to get the best out of your camera. Anna also blogs about her life and family at Life is Good…At the Beach.