Coping with Colds and Other Yucky Stuff

by Pam

Ah, fall. It is one of my favourite seasons with great vegetable harvests, gorgeous leaves and happy kids back to school. And then there is the downside – the return of the germs.

I’m home today with my youngest. Fever, cough and grumpiness seem to be on the menu today. Luckily I have been handling these bugs for a while now and have got some ideas on how to make the recovery more pleasant for everyone. Here are some of the handy hints I’ve learned. Maybe it will help with your kids when they're under the weather!

  1. Be prepared. I am awesome at procrastinating but have learned not to put this one off. Get that medicine cabinet stocked with whatever you think you’ll need for sickness basics for your family. For us it is Tylenol and Motrin in both tablets and liquids (because sometimes they just can’t stomach the tablets), cold and/or cough medication, and anti-nausea and allergy medication. Make sure your thermometer is working and disinfecting wipes are handy. I keep a lined container and washcloth ready under the bathroom sink in case a delightful stomach bug suddenly visits. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Keep up with the paperwork. Did I mention I procrastinate? Well, I’m learning. Keep your family doctor’s number, info on walk-in clinics, Telehealth (1-866-797-0000 in Ontario) and health cards in easy reach. Knowing the last time your child had the same illness or when he/she was last immunized may be important and you don’t want to be fishing around for this information while sleep deprived.
  3. I LOVE warm therabags (bean bags) to help with sore tummies and general comfort. Crafty people could make one like this. We warm it up for a little over a minute in the microwave and the kids cuddle it for comfort. Hot water bottles are nice too with a little cover on them.
  4. Layer up the bed. Yep, sick kids don’t always make it to the bathroom or bucket in time. No fun for anyone, but having a waterproof mattress pad layer between clean sheets makes clean up fast and hopefully all will be back to sleep in no time. Keeping beach towels handy for pillow covers helps too.
  5. Keep that cupboard stocked too. You don’t want to have to run out to the store with a sick child in tow if you don’t have to. Soups, applesauce, Pedialyte, crackers, lollypops for sore throats and the like can be a great comfort to the little ones.

Hopefully any illnesses will be few and far between. Do add any ideas of your own to share. I’d love to hear what works for you.

Pam is Mom to Owen (9) and Laura (7) in Barrhaven.  They provide plenty of material for her blog, Easily Amused as she enjoys life with family and friends in beautiful Ottawa.

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