The People In Your Neighbourhood

by Erin We have great neighbours.

Did this happen by chance? Maybe, but we did put some thought into it when we were looking for our current home 2 years ago.

One Sunday Hubby and I were making our usual rounds of open houses when we found it...our new home (or so we thought). We were so excited! The price was right and the newly renovated kitchen was just the icing on the cake. As we drove home we discussed putting in an offer. In his excitement Hubby suggested that we get in the car after supper and drive over to "our new neighbourhood" to go for a walk.

As we set out on our walk that evening I knew almost immediately that this place was not for us. The look on Hubbys face told me that he felt the same way. It just didn't feel right, not to mention the groups of teenagers roaming the streets smoking and using not-so-nice language (at 6 pm!).

After that Sunday we took a whole new approach to house hunting. When I would find something that looked promising I would drive around the area at different times of day (I was on mat leave so I had some time on my hands). I wanted to see if the people who lived in the surrounding homes had kids our age. I wanted to see if the people were talking to each other and if they were out in their yards in the evenings. When I was "researching" our current home I felt good about it, even before I saw the inside of the house.

We are so grateful we went for that Sunday evening walk.

Several evenings a week the kids will get together and play street hockey while parents either supervise or join in on the action. During the summer there were many impromptu barbeques and backyard playdates. If Hubby is away I know there will be someone to mow the lawn and keep an eye out for us. If we are away for the evening our neighbours will take care of our dog, and we do the same for them. We get some great hand-me-down toys and clothes too.

It is great to go outside your neighbourhood to find things to do, but it can also be pretty awesome to have a hockey tournament right outside your front door, a gourmet meal in a nearby backyard and a helping hand being offered before you even have to ask. 

If you don't know your neighbours - go meet them! I hope yours are as great as mine.

Erin is mom to 2 (almost 3) year old “Miss K” and 7 month old “Mister J”. You can read her blog at My Suburban Adventure

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