The good ol' hockey game

by Amy Joe and I are hockey fans. Before the baby was born she owned three jerseys - An infant sized Senators jersey, a slightly bigger Team Canada jersey and a toddler sized Winnipeg Jets jersey. Yes, the Jets. My sister is determined that the baby's first real word be 'Alfie.'

Joe will tell you with pride that the day the baby was born is the day the Senators started an 11-game winning streak. The tiny baseball cap she owns, the one that says 'Born to be a Senators fan' is not a lie. She was only a few weeks old when we threw a Canada shirt on top of her sleeper and kept her awake for the Olympic gold medal games. It was never a question that she would be attending a few live hockey games, it was just a matter of getting tickets to her first one.

One day we were having a hard day at home and I needed something good to focus on and the Sens were playing the Carolina Hurricanes and I bought us tickets. Because Maggie is still little I didn't have to buy her a seat, but the game we were going to was one of the Metro Family games. The Metro Family 4-pack gets you four tickets, four hot dogs and four drinks for $99. Every game you can get seats for $15 in the Coca-Cola zone, or $40 in the Coca-Cola Zero zone, where no alcohol is allowed.

When the game was about to start and the teams came out on the ice, I could see Maggie's eyes grow wider. She was thrilled that the men she had watched on TV with her Daddy we down there, skating around.  Maggie has always loved being around people and she has fun where there are a lot of things to watch. She watched the hockey, she made friends in the row behind us, she danced to the music.

We took along some big earphones to protect her from the loud music, though we found that she took them off every time we put them on, but she also didn't seem bothered by the noise. I loved watching her take everything in and it's an experience we will definitely be repeating in the future.

Amy is mom to 8-month-old Maggie and a 4 year old schnauzer named Henry. You can read her blog at where she writes about motherhood and anything else that’s on her mind.