A Monkey Rock Birthday

By Vicky We're big fans of Monkey Rock Music, having done two back to back sessions with John this year. It seemed like the perfect thing to do for Joel's 4th birthday party! While bringing in a performer does still incur a fair cost, it was definitely less expensive than a lot of the birthday venue options we explored. Plus I like the convenience of staying home for birthday parties, and not having to bring decorations, food, and a cake with me.

John arrived at 10:30 wearing a pirate hat (did I forget to tell the guests to dress up too? oops!) his guitar swung over his shoulder, and the big bag of instruments in hand. The kids sat in a circle in the basement as he went around learning everyone's names. As a teacher, I was amazed that he remembered them all! It's hard to do!

We sang all of Joel's favourites: Shark Attack, Hurry Hurry Firetruck, Itsy Bitsy spider, Old Macdonald had a zoo. We danced the Hokey Pokey. We made our own beats with instruments. We played under a parachute.

It was a great party, and everyone loved John. As I tucked Joel in bed I asked him if he had a good birthday, he nodded. I asked him what was his favourite part of the day? He said 'When John gave me a monkey just for me because it's MY birthday. That was my favourite part.'

For more information about Monkey Rock Music birthday parties or classes visit www.monkeyrockmusic.com.

Vicky is the mom to 4 year old son named Joel and 17 month old daughter named Mieka. You can read her blog at blog Some Kind of Wondermom.