November : what you might have missed

November has come and gone. Here's a look back at what you might have missed in November. Activities for Kids

This month we talked about feeding our feathered friends and about introducing our kids to the symphony.

Birthday parties

There are so many great birthday party ideas in Ottawa.  This month we talked about Monkey Rock and birthday parties at the farm.


This month Margaret Kirkpatrick, the Children’s Librarian at the Carlingwood Branch, told us about some of her favourite books.

Crafts and cookings

We made sushi snacks, crafted a great costume and about turned your child's art into placemats as a great gift.

Game On

We started another new monthly series on gaming for kids called Game On. This month we talked about Kinect and Dance Central.


As we gear up for the holidays, we've talked about the Orleans parade of lights, making Christmas cards with your kids and what kinds of presents parents recommend. If you're trying to get a great holiday snap, we had part 1 and part 2 on picture perfect holiday photos. On a more serious note we also talked about ways we can make others holiday season better with some mom to mom helping.

Parenting tips

We had some great tips on taking your kids to the dentist for the first time and how to talk to your kids about Fair Trade.


November is a month to remember. Sara talked to us about taking our kids to the Remembrance day parade and to the War museum.


Amy had a chance to attend a Safe Parent course and told us all about it and Sara's kids had some fun with some great craft supplies from Eko Bear.

Skates and hockey

We took our kids to a hockey games, we taught them how to skate with Canskate, and we introduced them to Timbit hockey - winter is on it's way!

Social Media Mondays

This month we talked about who to follow and what client to use on Twitter, talked about the importance of commenting on blogs,  and had a guest post on the value of Linked In.