Hockey with bite!

by Joanne My son loves hockey!  Now that he is playing every weekend I thought we might try to take him to a game.  We discussed going to a Sens game but I wasn't sure how he would like it.   He can be a bit sensitive with crowds and loud noises.  We were trying to decide on a game when we received 4 tickets to the Ottawa 67s!  This would be perfect… we could go to the game and see how he does… if he hates it… we leave, if he loves it we will have great afternoon for the whole family.

When we told him we got tickets he was thrilled couldn't wait to go.  He asked me every day if today was the day that we would go see the game.  Finally, the day came, he put on his 67’s hoodie and off we went to the Rona Centre.

It has been a long time since we had been to the arena at the Lansdowne… it has not changed a bit.  It is exactly like you remember it with brighter lights and lots of things to look at.   There are a lot of families and lots of noise but it did not bother him one bit.    I was surprised to see kids of all ages.  There were babies, toddlers, hockey teams and birthday parties.

We were given noisemakers and the ushers pointed us in the direction of our seats.  Great seats a few rows up from the ice.   So far so good...  The game was about to get started – time to sing the National Anthem – a wonderful school choir did a great job and the game began.

He loved it!  She loved it!  My husband loved it!  I loved it!  There was lots of excitement as these hockey stars of tomorrow covered the ice with such grace and speed.  My son was in awe of these talented young men.  There were cheerleaders to keep the crowd excited about the game.  We cheered the 67s to victory that afternoon and can’t wait to go again.

If you are thinking of going I must warn you of one thing – they do fight in the OHL.  When the first fight started… yes there was more than one…. I glanced over at my son who was shocked… I looked over at my husband who was even more surprised.  So keep that in mind so you won’t be as shocked as we were.  I promptly told my son about the penalty box and if he fights like that he was to go into the box alone while everyone else gets to play his favorite game while he watches!

If you are looking for some family fun – they certainly put on a great show.

Joanne the proud mom of Amélie (8 years old) and Mathieu (5 years).  She is new at blogging and you can find her at Our Money Pit.