Christmas stockings

by Lara

I love Christmas traditions and one of my favourites has always been putting up our stockings every year.

Our stockings were extra special because my mother made us all gorgeous needle-pointed stockings and I treasure it (and love to show it off!)

I'm not a needle-pointer but my mother and sister are coming to the rescue and creating some for us all (a work still in progress given how quickly our family grew ;) For now I have purchased some special stockings from a local crafter called Rikrak (which no longer seems to be in business at this update - check out these instead,) because special stockings are a really important part of Christmas for me.

As you all know, Santa doesn't do things the same way in all houses.  When I was a kid he brought us each one small gift to our stockings. I always loved the idea of full and overflowing stockings - Santa indulged and our house is full of big and overflowing stockings on Christmas mornings now! I love finding all the little treasures in my stocking and watching others find theirs too!

What about you - do you have stockings at your house? Does Santa fill them to the brim or bring a couple of Christmas oranges (or a pieces of coal? ;)

Lara is mom to 4 year old Kiernan and 1 year old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can read her blog at Gliding Through Motherhood.