Vegetables - the easiest recipe EVER

by Lara I don't mind cooking, but there is little more frustrating than slaving over a meal only to have all of your children spit it out in disgust; refusing to eat a single bite. That meal they devoured last week? This week -  apparently revolting. Fun times!

Although they would happily exist on cheese, yogurt and bananas, I do try to mix things up a bit for them. Vegetables often aren't a hit - drizzle them in butter or cheese and they are no better. Generally if I want them to eat vegetables I need to use "the trick".

I think my mother in law first told me about it - her "Kiernan ate a TON of peas today" me "really??" her "ya, he really likes frozen peas" me "interesting. I'll have to try that. How do you cook them?" her "no, he likes them frozen".

Oh of course! He won't eat my cooking but FROZEN PEAS? OK WACKY KID.  But whatever works right?

Here's the thing, it wasn't just Kiernan! All three of my kids will happily munch down on tons of vegetables, if I give them to them right out of the freezer like popcorn.  Cook them, or god forbid they thaw them a bit and they aren't good.  But hard as rock peas, corns and carrots - YUMMO!

And ever since Jamie Oliver's food revolution taught me that frozen vegetables are actually really healthy, I feel like mother of the year as I throw some frozen vegetables in a bowl for dinner and forego cooking all together!

Lara is mom to 4 year old Kiernan and 1 year old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can read her blog at Gliding Through Motherhood.