Breastfeeding Cafe

by Amanda As a new mother I was prepared for many of the joys, obstacles and sleepless nights a parent experiences. What I wasn’t prepared for was the mountain I would climb to be able to successfully breastfeed my child.  I was under the naïve impression, or possibly more like a dream state, that my child would latch on to the breast and I would magically feed him and all would be a success. Because really, how hard could breastfeeding be? Isn’t it so natural?

I was wrong. So wrong! We had problem after problem.  Needless to say my milk supply diminished and my child was not getting near enough to eat.  We immediately received support through a lactation consultant at her private home and after weeks and weeks of dedication we finally started to have success with exclusive breastfeeding.

Support makes a big difference as it brings the breastfeeding mother encouragement when needed, a place to share stories of joy and where questions are not judged but welcomed.  Breastfeeding can bring forth challenges but for me it is now a joy, a special bond I have created with my child, and I believe I feel this way now because of all the support I have.

Every Wednesday from August to December, with the exception of one or two missed due to appointments, Dominic & I have headed out to the Breastfeeding Café.  The Breastfeeding Café is a supportive atmosphere welcoming breastfeeding mothers were you don’t have to worry if you have showered that morning, if you have bags under your eyes from lack of sleep, whether you have spit up all over your shirt, or feel like you might be judged.  Moms & babies under 6 months are welcomed at the Breastfeeding Café.

The Breastfeeding Cafe was created by Susan Martensen, a DONA approved Birth & Postpartum Doula Trainer and is currently offered Wednesday’s at Milkface in Westboro.  There is no registration or sign up required, you just come and go as you can and wish. Have a breastfeeding question? Come on out and ask.  Want a place to relax, chat and feed your child? Come on out.  It’s a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes moms to enjoy a few hours over snacks, snuggles with their babes and other women.

Every Wednesday I knew what I was doing and where we were going. I looked forward to seeing all of the wonderful women I met and to ask Susan any baby related questions I may have.  It was comfortable, serene and wonderfully supportive.

There is a donation fee, recommended $5, to help cover the costs of snacks.  There is always yummy food!

So, what are you doing next Wednesday from 10:30-12:30? Head over to Milkface in Westboro and enjoy the Breastfeeding Café.

Amanda is mom to Dominic, 8 months, and can be found blogging about life, product reviews & giveaways at Namaste Mommy, PTPA Panel of Moms & Tools for Schools.  When not feeding and changing diapers Amanda is busy with her company DeGrace Energetics & Little Lotus.