4Cats - The Best, Most Fun Art Studio Ever! + Giveaway

Congratulations to our winner Sara Horton. We are excited to be hosting a giveaway for a party at 4Cats Art Studio. You may remember that we hosted a Kids in the Capital party at 4Cats in December. Here is what Joanne had to say about the party!

If you look at the 4Cats Art Studio website that is the first thing you will see is their slogan -The Best, Most Fun Art Studio Ever. So, when the kids asked me about the Kids in the Capital Splatter Party and where it would be held I told them "it is at the the Best, Most Fun Art Studio Ever!" My daughter was thrilled – she loves art – she loves to draw, colour and paint.

4Cats, located in the Hintonburg neighborhood of Ottawa and they offer art classes, workshopsand parties for kids of all ages (and adults too!). 4Cats gives kids the chance to learn about great artists and create their own great art.

So, the day of the party arrives and weather was not good. Freezing rain was blanketing the Capital and I told the kids we would have to wait and see if we would make the trek down to Hintonburg to the studio. About an hour before the party, the major roads were good so we headed out on a dark rainy Sunday afternoon to the Studio.

Walking into the Studio our gray day became bright and full of beautiful colours. The walls were lined with the most beautiful works of art we had ever seen. The colours were so bright and happy – my daughter was in awe.

Something told me that if we are going to a Splatter Partyand we should come dressed for a mess. So, in old jeans and t-shirts the kids got excited for this new adventure – they had done lots of crafts but this was going to be different! We were welcomed by Emaly who took the time to chat with all of the kids and the moms about what we would be doing and the kids got busy drawing on the many sheets of paper that lined the tables. Once everyone had arrived and everything was ready Emaly discussed the various rules about Splatter parties – an important rule is the No Big Deal rule! If you get paint on your cloths... no big deal! If you accidentally splatter paint on your friend… no big deal… in your hair…. no Big Deal! Once the kids were clear about the rules they chose their paint colours and off they went into the Splatter room.

Now, the splatter room is a good size room lined with canvas ready to for a mess. Emaly had provided each child with a canvas that they could paint on for the duration of the party. And they began to splatter paint… there was paint flying everywhere…pink, red, green and all of the colours of the rainbow. They were so focused on having fun and were laughing like crazy! It was unbelievable to watch – the kids were hard at work on the masterpieces and having a wonderful time. They could not believe that they were actually able to fling the paint on the walls and not get into trouble. The goal is to make a mess! The messier the better! Parents can watch the mess from a clean area on the other side of a window!

Then they began to work on a 6 by 3 foot group canvas. They used their paint brushes, droppers and even paint filled balloons. It was wonderful to watch – each child added a more and more paint to create a wonderful masterpiece. When everything was completed in the splatter room the kids got all cleaned up and were thrilled about their experience. But the fun was not over, Emaly and her assistant pulled out a couple of paint spinners and the kids got to make two little pieces of art to take home.

There are a few things  if you are going to book a splatter party for your kids that I think you should keep in mind, like if they have long hair maybe try to tie it up so it does not get in their way or into the paint! Also, my kids were dressed for a mess but in good indoor shoes – I would recommend old shoes or even rain boots. The paint is water based so it does wash out quite well.

The party was great fun! I asked the kids what they thought of their experience while we were driving home. They said “It was the best, most fun art studio ever!” So, now I know where they got their slogan!


Thanks Joanne! Do you think your kids would love 4Cats as much as Joanne's kids did?

The 4Cats Arts Studio in Hintonburg is giving away a party package of your choice for 10 kids worth $175. The winner will be able to choose the party they want from options like clay party, Vann Gogh party or pop art party.

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment letting us know what party your kid(s) would like the best. For up to two additional entries, follow 4Cats on Twitter and like their Facebook page. Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry.

The giveaway ends Tuesday February 1st at 11pm. It is open to residents of Ottawa and the surrounding area.

Good luck!