Sidewalk Chalk - The Winter Edition

by Sasha Remember summer? It sure does seem a long time ago now.

Remember hopscotch? I don't know about you, but that's even longer ago. Longer than I care to admit :).

That is, until I read Brie's beanbag post. The shapes she taped to the floor reminded me of sidewalk chalk. And then of all the marvelous things you can do with sidewalk chalk.

And so I shot off to our local paint store for some coloured masking tape and voila! Basement hopscotch!

Not only did we have fun jumping around, Miss Bea also enjoyed adding a few of her own artistic flourishes:

Now I just need to find masking tape in some colour other than green!

How do you like to fill the dark, chilly hours of these winter evenings with your kids?

Sasha is mom to 2-year-old Miss Bea, and 4 month old Baby Em.  Her ramblings can also be found on her blog, The Rambling Stroller.