Sweet Valentines for Extended Family

by Carly I love to craft.  Making stuff is, for me, relaxing and peaceful.  When the Little Man was 18 months old and I had been back at work for six months.  I missed him and had yet to bring in a ton of photos to bring life to my otherwise drab cubicle.

One evening I pulled out my craft bin (who am I kidding, I keep my craft supplies in the storage ottoman in the family room so they're always readily accessible) and spread out some stuff on the dining room table.

Bits of card stock, paint chips, pom poms, sequins, googly eyes, fabric paint, construction paper, pipe cleaners, ribbons and stickers.  Whatever I had on hand was fair game.  I went outside the box and grabbed all sorts of colours, as opposed to the traditional pink and red . . . mainly because I didn't have a lot of pink and red in the ottoman.

I also grabbed the digital camera, a willing Jake dressed in something Valentine-ish, and snapped away.  I printed out the photos on photo paper and added them to the stockpile.

Jake wanted to play too, so while the glue gun warmed up, I got him set with some white glue and a paintbrush, and pre-cut some heart shapes for him.

We pulled the pieces together at random, just picking and choosing and decorating as we saw fit.  We cut out some of the photos of the Little Man and added them to the Valentines too.  A little ribbon so it could hang and on a whim we'd made some pretty  cards, perfect for our extended family, especially those who lived out of town.

And together we made one or two to brighten my workspace!

Carly has red hair and occasionally the temper to match.  She loves potatoes, rainy nights, photography, her husband and her 4 year old son, Jacob.  Probably in reverse order.   She also blogs.