Monkey Rock: A family night of fun

by Lara

It's always a challenge to go out for dinner with a three year-old and an almost one year-old...but we may have stumbled on something spectacular!  Monkey Rock Music (MRM) plays the first Thursday of every month at Tucson's Restaurant in the South end of the city.  The premise is get there at 4:45, kids eat at 5, show starts at 5:30 and parents eat while the concert is underway. 

So we tried it.  Friends of ours have two school-age kids, we live at the opposite ends of the city and we really don't get to see each other very often.  It's also a challenge, our kids being so different in age, to find family friendly events and outings to appease and entertain everyone.  John does this successfully with MRM!  He even gets the parents involved, or at least singing at their tables. 

I have to say the night out went extremely well, we had a great time.  The older kids were excited they got to go to their first "rock concert", my kids were excited because they love MRM.  They truly were entertained the entire concert, they danced, sang and Stinky Monkey even got on stage to participate with the movements that matched the song!  I really wish I had brought my camera.

The adults had as much fun as the kids, we could watch the kids from our table, enjoy a tasty beverage (or two), listen to some great kids tunes and eat our meal (relatively in peace, Bella Bear shuffled between the four of us clapping). The food was good and there was plenty of choice for everyone, even on the kids table d'hote menu.  Tucson's was extremely well organized and service was quick and understanding of a restaurant full of kids.  We were entertained by the music but also were able to talk, catch-up and enjoy each other's company. 

All in all a very successful outing for us, one in which we may just become regulars!  Thanks MRM and Tucson's for making a great family friendly event!

Lara is mom to Stinky Monkey (3) and Bella Bear (1).  She enjoys making the best memories with her active cardiac preschooler and a healthy heart toddler.  Lara also works, volunteers, shops (way too much), and is new to blogging at