An Arts & Crafts Rainy Day Survival Guide

by Natasha If you live in Ottawa, you know the weather has been very unstable lately. One minute it snows, then it rains, then it goes up to 5 degrees C and everything melts. Sometimes you wake up and find your entire street covered in ice like one giant skating rink. These odd and annoying weather days make it very hard for me to occupy Baby H with any outdoor activities. I could sit him in front of the TV for a while, but that could turn into a boring activity when done repeatedly.

A few days ago, I decided to make a “Rainy Day Survival Kit”.  I went to Wal-mart and purchased a medium sized rubbermaid container to store all of the supplies I was gathering for this kit.  My version of this survival kit contains:

  • Construction paper in a variety of sizes and colors;
  • An assortment of colouring pages, which you can find online for free;
  • Crayons;
  • Foam letter, numbers and shapes;
  • Blunt edge scissors, and if you feel particularly creative, get the design and shape cutters;
  • Non-toxic glue, as you can never be safe around children;
  • A variety of stickers;
  • Watercolour and brushes in a variety of sizes;
  • A paint cup that has a lid and a hole for the paint brush to go through with minimal spillover;

I also have an art smock as well as a craft mat in there to help reduce the mess that’s definitely going to happen.

For yourself, have a few sealable folders around to store your little Picasso’s art in and display later on.

I recommend checking Michaels for some of these products as well, especially with their weekly deals and discount coupons. A cheaper alternative is the Dollarama chain of stores.

Do you have a survival kit for these indoor winter days? I would love to hear what you have there.

Natasha is a new mommy to her first born, Baby H. She runs ShopHaven, a blog that reviews products and profiles local businesses and individuals from the Ottawa area. Natasha is also the creative force behind ShopHaven Baskets; a highly customized gift baskets service.  Follow Natasha on Twitter (@shophaven) to keep up with her daily adventures and Baby H’s mischiefs.