Parents in the Capital: Meet Ezmy!

Ottawa has some wonderful bloggers and we are lucky that many of them are Kids in the Capital contributors and readers! We want to share some of our favorite Ottawa parent bloggers on a more regular basis so we are introducing a series of posts called Parents in the Capital. Say hello to Ezmy!

Tell us about yourself and your family  My husband A. and I are both Political Science geeks. He’s from Nova Scotia and I’m from Vancouver Island. We met in NS and bonded over beer and a mutual loathing for all things Ann Coulter. We moved to Ottawa five years ago - A. for work (he’s a Foreign Service officer) and me for school (I’m mid-MA). Three years after the move we got engaged in Italy. Our son Ewan was born just over a year after that, in June 2010. We had a kick ass wedding six months ago and now our little family of three (+ one plump house cat, Zoe) enjoys patio lunches, reading, walking adventures, and watching The Office.

What is your favourite activity to do with your kid(s) in Ottawa? Oh walking adventures, certainly. But once the weather gets better, we are looking forward to fun times in the park. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a little geo-caching got thrown in there as well.

What is your favourite at home activity to do with your kid(s)? Well, Ewan likes to practice his rolling and crawling poses on our bed so one of my favourite things to do is to fold laundry while he rolls around, giggling like a maniac. We also dance to a lot of Queen - he currently enjoys waving at the stereo.

What was the biggest surprise that parenthood has brought into your life? I’m amazed by how little sleep I can survive, and indeed thrive on. And how much fun it is to do simple things like eat dinner. Watching the little man explore new foods is just a blast.

What parenting tips/advice do you wish you'd known when you first became a parent? It’s a simple one - the Gro sac. I have one now but I could have saved myself a month of worry if I’d had one earlier. This thing rocks my socks, particularly since Budsie is a) a tummy sleeper and b) apparently hell bent on eating an entire blanket.      Tell us about your blog and how you discovered blogging. My blog, Ezmy, simply follows the last five years of my life. I started blogging on the advice of a friend. At the time, I was in a miserable relationship, up to my eyeballs in academia, and I desperately needed a creative outlet. Interestingly, the blog also ended up documenting my relationship with A. from the first day we met, about four months after the blog’s creation. My highs and lows have been recorded here - one major break-up, tales of singledom, the big move to O-town, A.’s year away for work, terrible apartments, thankless jobs, academic successes and failures, ridiculous cooking experiments, the horrors of wedding planning, adventures in morning sickness and bed rest, the birth of our son, and more recently, my efforts to improve myself from the inside out using daily resolutions. Blogging has become a part of my day like eating and sleeping. It’s the way I keep in touch with others and with myself.

What do you love best about being a parent in Ottawa? Access to some wonderful museums and galleries, the ability to take my kid to Question Period, and the newly discovered, and greatly appreciated, online support system for fellow parents.

Thanks Ezmy!