March: What you might have missed

Spring is here... I think... maybe.... sort of.... some days....  yay! :) Here's what we talked about this past month.  (In case you want an email reminder, subscribe to our newsletter. We send out this recap, plus some information about upcoming events in the city!)

Activities for kids

We visited some polar bears and penguins at the Museum of Nature, went shopping at Value Village, explored Chinatown, and enjoyed the cold to do some tobogganing. We learnt how to throw a Fiesta of a birthday party, build things with marshmallows and spaghetti and about the fun to be had at A Gym Tale. We also saw the horses at the RCMP stables and conducted some science experiments.

The Ottawa Public Library also told us all about the Spring break programs.


We had lots of great recipes this month for food kids love, like oatmeal and waffles and cupcakes! We also had a great post on how to cook (and keep safe) with kids in the kitchen.


We had more crafts than usual this month (because it was too gross to go outside I imagine ;))

We talked about what to keep in your rainy day survival kit, we turned books in art, made murals, and streamer paper mache.

Out of town ideas

This one isn't too far out of town, just near Montebello.  Parc Omega is open year round and a great place to visit in the winter!

Parents in the Capital

We introduced a new bi-weekly series of posts introducing you to bloggers, who are also parents, in Ottawa.  This month we met Yumi and Ezmy and we look forward to meeting many more!

Parenting Tips

We heard about the Multiple Birth Association sale and talked about the importance of checking for change tables and highchairs at your favorite restaurants.

Social Media Monday

Blog syndication - how and with what do you do it?


We welcomed three new sponsors this month - The Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, the Canada Agriculture Museum and the Cow Guys.

Please remember to visit our sponsors.  They're great Ottawa businesses and they help us continue to provide Kids in the Capital to you. :)

Sugar Bushes

It's Sugar Bush season and this month we heard about Proulx Farm andStanley's Olde Maple Farm. (Have you been somewhere else? We'd love to hear about it!)

Have a great April everyone! And don't forget, if you want to share an activity, event, service or attraction for kids you love in Ottawa email us at kidsinthecapital(at)gmail(dot)com to blog for Kids in the Capital.

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