Nursery rhymes and fairy tales

by Brie My four year old daughter is learning about nursery rhymes and fairy tales at school. I love this unit. She is coming home every day with great songs and stories. Like Hey Diddle Diddle.

One of the activities they did in class was to make simple puppets of the characters from Hey Diddle Diddle. These have been a huge hit in our house. Not only does she like to act out the song with the puppets, but so does her two year old brother.

You could make your own puppets by printing off pictures of the characters for your kids to colour or drawing them yourself and then attaching them to popsicle sticks.

In fact, this is exactly what we had already done for the girl's fairy tale show and tell for school. The girl decided to tell the story of Goldilocks to her class so she made these three pictures to use as prompts as she told the story.

I love the idea of breaking down nursery rhymes and fairy tales into puppets or story boards so that kids can act them out. This would be a great craft for almost any story or song!

What nursery rhymes and fairy tales do your kids love?

Brie is the mom of a 4 year old daughter “the girl” and 2 old son “the boy”. You can read her blog at Capital Mom.

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