Easter Craft : paper bag bunny

by Rebecca With Easter coming up, we are all about bunnies and eggs in this house right now. This easy paper bag bunny activity is great with preschoolers, but my toddler loved it too.

What you will need: Paper bag (baby bunny above is made with the mini ones) White bristol board, or white foam Coloured paper (or foam) for the nose A Coffee filter Markers (black and pink or purple) Glue Stick

Directions: If working with a toddler, cut out bunny ear shapes with the bristol paper/white foam and a nose from the coloured paper foam. If working with an older child, have them cut out predrawn shapes with assistance. Draw a line down the middle of the bunny ears. (All ages can try this) Staple or glue the bunny ears on (staples keep them there better/longer) Glue on the nose and draw whiskers and eyes (I helped my 2 year old, but my son did it himself. See below) Crush the coffee filter into a ball for the tail. Glue on the back side. Have fun with your bunnies! (our bunny family that my kids made)

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