Going with the Flo

by Alanna
Wow,  I was truly amazed and impressed when walking through the Flo Studio one Saturday.  Not really sure what to expect, I was greeted by two wonderful people who have a real love for their craft and their business.  If you are not aware of this new business, let me fill you in. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Furnace
Brownwen Co-Owner giving us a demo

Flo Glass partners Melody Jewitt of Red Om Glass and Bronwen McKnight of Kiss My Glass {Merrickville},   have brought 27 years experience in Glass blowing to Ottawa.  They are a glass arts teaching facility, providing multi-level workshops to the public in the forms of glassblowing, flameworking, fusing and casting.

What does this mean to parents, caregivers and children?  Well, let me tell you.  These two teaming up is a coup for us.  These wonderful artistic people are over the moon excited about sharing their knowledge with us and our little people.  Bronwen is so excited about teaching after years of running her store.  She is ready to share her love for the art with everyone and does so regularly with her own grandchildren.  Yes, that is right, glass blowing for children. Fear not, it is safe.  After being told this I had a few questions.  I am sure that it can be safe after a few lessons? or if the children are above 10 right?  No.  In fact it is safe from the get go.  There is a cordoned off area away from the furnace.  The children are about three feet away from the molten glass while they are rolling and blowing.  In fact, as long as they can blow through the blow pipe children can join in on the fun.  Bronwen and Melody are offering classes, drop-ins and (get this) Birthday parties.
You can bring a group of children to the studio to make an ornament or paper weight OR a Fuzed art piece.  They can accommodate up to 6 children.  With the party they will do a lesson with them including hands on making and designing of their own piece all for 25$ per child.  Although they won't be able to take their creations home with them right away, they will take a memory and experience that won't soon be forgotten.  Pieces are picked up the next day after they have been in the kiln for 3 - 18 hours depending on the piece.

How does it all work?  According to Melody, as long as the furnace is up and running (call ahead to make sure) the children can drop in and make something.  If you are thinking about bringing a group through for a party, they would appreciate at least two weeks notice.

Why not drop in to make something for Mom for mother's day - and hey why not Grandma too!!  I am positive that the children will be over the moon with this experience.
If you give it a go let me know.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Alanna is a mother of two beauties, Nora age 3 (aka coconut) and Avery 5 (aka polka dot). Former ECE turned mother, party planner and blogger.  Never a dull moment around this house.

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