Rainy day scavenger hunts

by Brie With all the rain in Ottawa lately we have spent a lot of time indoors. We have painted. We have baked. Finally I had to get us out of the house!

One day last week I managed to get the kids dressed into their one piece rain suits (I love those!) and we headed to the park for a scavenger hunt. I made each kid a list with six colour boxes. Their job was to find as many things they could of each colour.

(This would be great to play with kids that are just learning to spell. When the girl is a bit older I am going to spell our some of the things to look for at the park, like "slide" and "swings". For younger kids you could also try drawing pictures of what you want them to find.)

My 4 year old started playing the game before we even left the house by looking out the window! She manged to find way more colours then her two year old brother. But they both had a good time so I consider it a success.

Best of all it got us outside to the park, even though it was raining!

Brie is the mom of a 4 year old daughter “the girl” and 2 old son “the boy”. You can read her blog at Capital Mom.