Parents in the Capital: Meet Sasha

Ottawa has some wonderful bloggers and we are lucky that many of them are Kids in the Capital contributors and readers! We want to share some of our favorite Ottawa parent bloggers on a more regular basis so we have introduced a series of posts called Parents in the Capital. Say hello to Sasha!

Tell us about yourself and your family. I'm mom to 2 marvelous little girls, wife to DH, and a little cog in a great big telecommunications company. Baby Em is 10 months old, and I'll be home with her until the end of the summer. Miss Bea is 2 and a half, walking and talking and being incredibly cute when she's not being incredibly stubborn.

What is your favourite activity to do with your kid(s) in Ottawa? We are total museum junkies, and don't go nearly often enough. We also love walking the NCC trails - the ones I loved cycling so much as a care-free single - and have recently taken up geocaching.

What is your favourite at home activity to do with your kid(s)? Hands down favourite is jamming on the piano in the evenings. Sometimes DH plays and Miss Bea dances, other times they bang out delightfully cacophonous duets.

What was the biggest surprise that parenthood has brought into your life? The biggest surprise has definitely been how much joy can come from something so challenging. Who knew that learning the real meaning of the word "sleep deprivation" could be this much fun? It's incredibly rewarding to discover what you are actually capable of.

What parenting tips/advice do you wish you'd known when you first became a parent? Get Out. Go for walks, go to the mall, go to a museum: just get yourself out of the house. And Get Help. When someone offers help, accept it. And when they don't, ask for it.

Tell us about your blog and how you discovered blogging. In the last months of my second pregnancy, I spent a lot of time researching things to do with an infant in Ottawa. By the time I was done I had amassed far more ideas than I knew what to do with, and decided to share them online. Then I discovered that Kids In The Capital was already doing that! So I took some great advice, and decided to just let my blog ramble around until it found which direction it wanted to go. It's rambling still...

What do you love best about being a parent in Ottawa? I love Ottawa. It's just big enough to have everything we need, and small enough not to be... big. There are so many things to do as a family, many of which are already talked about on this blog. But most of all, I love the wonderful, supportive community of Ottawa parents that I have found through social media.

Thanks Sasha!