Birthdays are a special day

by Lara I'm not a great planner. I don't do fancy home-made cakes, I don't plan fancy parties with special favours and loot bags, I don't even necessarily remember to shop for birthday presents and cards in any organized kind of way. But I think birthdays are special and the best way to make them special for my kids is to create a special day for them with their parents.

I try, every year, to spend the day with my kids on their birthdays. For my son's first birthday, I took the day off work and the three of us spent the morning at the Experimental Farm for the first time. On his second birthday we went to the Museum of Nature for the first time and then out for lunch at East Side Mario's.

We've continued the tradition with the twins, spending their first birthday at the farm and their second at the Museum of Nature with lunch at East Side's.

We then wrapped up the day with a trip to Dairy Queen after dinner for dessert with the whole family and some friends.

It's pretty simple, it's pretty low key, but it's fun, and it's special time together. We take lots of pictures and I treasure the day and hope to keep doing it every year as long as they're willing to spend that day with us.

What do you do for your kids' birthdays?

Lara Wellman is mom to 4 year old Kiernan and 2 year old twins Quinn and Juliette. You can read her personal blog at Gliding Through Motherhood, about her weight loss journey at Losing it in Ottawa, and her social media blog

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