Bouncing around the Backyard

Looking for something fun to liven up your backyard? Not convinced you have the space or energy to build a play structure? Why not get a trampoline!?

That’s what we did last summer and we haven’t looked back.

Our backyard trampoline has been a lot of fun for the whole family. My daughter enjoys showing off the moves she learns in gymnastics, and has already taught her brother how to do a seat drop. It’s also been a good way to interact with some of the neighbourhood children.

There are many different sizes and styles of trampolines to fit most budgets and yards. We have an 10-ft enclosed trampoline that we got on sale at Canadian Tire. It took a few hours to set up, and we left it out last winter with no ill effect. It takes a while to dry after a rain storm and water may collect under the safety mats, so you can expect wet feet.

Injuries can occur on trampolines, so we follow some basic safety rules:

  • No flips
  • No shoes
  • Eyes on the smallest person on the trampoline
  • Only two (or three depending on size) people on at a time
  • Stay off the mats covering the springs and no leaning on the netting

So far these rules have been enough to keep us safe.

The trampoline has been a great addition to the backyard. It’s been such a success that we’re wondering if we’ll have to get a bigger one for next summer!