Another rainy day, another rainy day activity

by Ezmy

Recently, we decided to spruce up Budsie’s bedroom. It’s all painted and has shiny new furniture and all that, but it was lacking in the picture department. But what to put up? So many of our framed pictures aren’t really meant for a kid’s room – I mean, does Budsie really care about Picasso or Van Gogh or that gorgeous Marilyn Monroe picture that we have? Not really.

Then one rainy day, we had a stroke of genius – Budsie could create his own artwork! I mean sure he’s not really able to draw but he can finger paint. Heck, 6 month olds can finger paint.

Taking it one step further, A. and I decided that we would all get in on the finger painting fun.

Note: you are never, EVER too old to finger paint. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Here are the results of a happy finger painting time. Budsie thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of finger paint on his hands. Another successful rainy day!

Ezmy is a new mum to son Ewan (aka Budsie). When she isn’t working on her master’s thesis, or playing games with her boy, she’s blogging furiously about life as a stay-at-home mum in our nation’s capital. Follow Ezmy on Twitter (@ezmytweets) where she posts daily resolutions and updates on life with an active and very vocal baby.