Back to school : litter-free lunches

by Lara My son is back to school on Monday (the French board starts early) so I'm in full back to school mode.  I put the question out to the Facebook Page asking what kind of back to school posts people would like to see and Litter-Free lunches was suggested.  I'm only learning how to do litter-free lunches so I'm going to post a few of the things that I'm going to be doing and have done and want to know what everyone else does!

Reusable snack bags

I bought one of these last year and then copied the design and made a bunch of my own.  They were pretty easy to replicate and I used diaper liner material that I bought at fabricland for the inside and velcro which I thought would be easy for my son to open and close.

I used them all year long for sandwiches and snacks and they worked really well.

If you aren't much of a sewer I know that Nayla Natural Care and Spoiled Sugar both sell them.

Lunch boxes

I just ordered a Goodbyn from Nayla Natural Care.  We haven't used it yet but I really like that I can put all of my son's lunch and snacks in one container without having to worry about finding different smaller containers every day when I'm making lunch.  My only thought is that I'll have to wash it every day and wonder if in time it would be easier to have two to rotate.

goodbyn lunch box

I've still been mostly using juice boxes but hope to ease out of that this year, not only because of the litter but to be able to water down his juice or send milk.

What have you done or are you trying this year to make your kids' lunches litter-free?

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