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by Lara

Although I don't like to admit how much we rely on tv when things get crazy, we do. Sometimes you just need an episode of Backyardigans or Barney to get you through until dinnertime.

If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever consider getting rid of cable you would have heard a resounding NO! The main reason? Because I couldn't do without the children's programming.

We still have basic cable but I'm leaning closer and closer to getting rid of it altogether now that we've found Netflix.

Netflix is a company that offers streaming video via the internet (they will also mail dvds and bluray to your house although I'm not sure that service is available in Canada.  If it's something you're interested in, does offer it here).

What does that mean? You can watch what you want when you want to.

The content on Netflix is limited to a certain extent, but the kids' content is really great! They have all the seasons of Backyardigans, they have tons of Barney, Blue's Clues, Sesame Street and other fun things like Pingu and Pink Panther (+much more!). My kids can always find something they would love to watch.

You can stream netflix through your tv by using your wii or xbox, or by getting a device like Apple TV. You can also log in from your mobile devices or from anyone else's wifi (although you'll be eating up their bandwidth).  The best part is it only costs $7.99 a month (and they do a month free trial)! Try it out and let me know what you think!

This is not an ad or in any way paid for by Netflix - I just really like the service. :)

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