KIC Gives Back: Buns in the Oven for Ottawa Young Parents

by Karen One of the really wonderful things about the Kids in the Capital community is the support we give (and get) as we navigate this adventure called parenthood. As Lara and I have discussed various ideas for the future, one topic that came up is paying that support forward to the greater Ottawa community. Today is our first post that we're dedicating to raising awareness about groups and initiatives in the Ottawa area that are working hard to help families and children in the area and how we can help them with their work.

A couple of months ago, I took a trip to North Gower Farmers' Market with Brandon and Matt. While I was there, I came across a table where Pam Collacott was selling her 5th cookbook, Buns in the Oven. I asked a few questions and learned that the proceeds from the sale of the book are going to help Ottawa Young Parents, an organization that provides various "programs and support for pregnant youth, young parents and their children".

I'm excited to support this group with such an appropriate fundraiser - here is the description of the cookbook from the Web site:

"It is a book of delicious recipes that are easy to follow and use affordable ingredients. Perfect for young families, students, seniors or anyone else who wants to make healthy, quick and great tasting food.

Pam has donated all of her time for the creation of this cookbook. All of the proceeds from the sale of the books will be returned to the Buns in the Oven, a prenatal nutrition program for pregnant youth."

The cookbook sounds ideal for parents with young families and purchasing it will help other young families. I know a couple of people that this will make a great Christmas present for and knowing that it will help young parents at such a vulnerable time is well worth the money.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of Buns in the Oven, visit the Ottawa Young Parents Web site to see where they are being sold. In addition to the locations listed, Pam will be at the North Gower Farmers' Market again on December 3rd for its Christmas Market.

If you know of an organization that is helping children and families in the Ottawa area, please email us at


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