Chapter books : The Bailey School Kids

by Lara After Donna's post awhile back about introducing her daughter to chapter books I thought it was time to start introducing them to Kiernan.

He loves them!

At the last MBFA sale I ended up chatting with a teacher while I manned the book section of the sale (much more dangerous than helping with checkout, I had 4 additional hours to shop ;) and she recommended I check out the Bailey School Kids books, of which I was about to find quite a few for sale right in front of me!

They are light and easy reads, and only take two or three nights to read.  They are fun and simple and Kiernan really enjoys them.

We alternate between books like these and longer more classic stories (he and my husband are currently reading Alice in Wonderland), and working on Kiernan sounding out the sounds in the simple learn to read books.  It makes a nice balance to switch between all the different kinds of books.

Are you reading chapter books with your kids? What are some of your favourites?

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