More Tasty Snacks from Budsie

by Ezmy Ages ago, back when Budsie was just a wee little dude who couldn’t walk or terrorize the cat, I shared a favourite recipe of his: Budsie Oatmeal. Well, today we have a new favourite: Budsie’s Trio of Super Yogurt. Super easy, super tasty (even for mums and dads), and super good for you.  Yay!

Budsie’s Trio of Super Yogurt

-1/3 cup Balkan-style, plain, full fat yogurt (with yogurt, you simply must go full fat)

-1/4 cup berries (blueberries are Budsie’s personal favourite, but I enjoy raspberries. Tip: buy boatloads of berries when they are on sale and freeze them for future use!)

-1 tbsp of ground almonds

-1 tsp ground flax seed

Mix everything together in a bowl. Serve with a spoon, although little hands do love to fish the berries out first. Serves one awesome toddler at snack time. Enjoy!

Ezmy is mum to son Ewan (aka Budsie). When she isn't working on her master's thesis, or playing games with her boy, she's blogging furiously on Ezmy Writes, talking about life as a stay-at-home mum in our nation's capital. Ezmy can also be found on Winefox.cahere, Ezmy learns about tannins and other fancy wine lingo. Follow on Ezmy on Twitter (@ezmytweets) where she posts updates on life with an active and very vocal baby

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