Kicking It

by Amy We signed our daughter up for indoor soccer this winter because she has lots and lots of energy, she loves running around and she loves chasing balls, and throwing balls and kicking balls. Sometimes she'll kick a ball around the house and tell us she's playing soccer.

If you have never watched two university-age women try and coral ten 2-year-olds in a high school gym I highly recommend it.

The best part of the class was when the instructors asked them all to stop moving and playing, sit in a circle and introduce themselves. Turns out 2-year-olds can't do really do that, and some of them will cry because they want to play soccer and they don't understand that these nice, patient instructors are trying to facilitate that.

Once they brought out the balls and everyone got their own and partnered with  a parent to pass it back and forth the fun began. They ran around, chasing balls, wasted some energy - which was exactly what I wanted to get out of it.

The parents taking part had a great time running around with their smiling kids, and those of us on the sidelines got to laugh and take great pictures.

Amy is mom to two year old Maggie and a 6 year old schnauzer named Henry. You can read her blog at where she writes about motherhood and anything else that’s on her mind. She also shares a blog with her husband at where they talk together about parenting a daughter.