Playing with shadows

by Alanna

There is nothing like a little sunshine to make uplift everyone's spirits.  You can't walk down the street without someone smiling or saying hello and smiling (or is that just the friendly nature of Ottawan's?)  The other thing you can't help but noticing one's shadow.  Polka Dot noticed first, during that burst of summer weather we had a few weeks ago.  As we are waiting for Lily's bus in the morning the shadows are amazing and then again at Noon they are even better.  He decided that it would be fun to "step" on me (my shadow) which then lead to a game of shadow tag.  From there, the shadow games exploded.

Tag turned into hiding in peoples shadows.  We made it into a fun gme where we pretend we have four arms and two heads.  It get's pretty silly, but I love the laughter first thing in the morning.

Later in the day we take out our chalk or paint brushes dipped in a puddle, and trace each others shadows.  The kids love how tall they are.  The next step is to retrace our shadows at different times of the day.  They will be amazed. While we are playing I get alot of "scientific" questions from Polkadot (he's BIG into science these days)  We have extended the learning into finding out what is needed for a shadow to appear.  It has been a great learning experience for all of us.

Next week we are going to do shadow puppets and maybe a shadow box.  It is amazing what can happen when you are just standing waiting for a bus. I guess it doesn't have to be boring after all.

Alanna is a mother of two beauties, Nora age 3 (aka coconut) and Avery 5 (aka polka dot). Former ECE turned mother, party planner and blogger.  Never a dull moment around this house.

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