Question of the Month: Preventing Bad Habits - Pop

by Karen

Lara and I were talking about pop today and she told me that she doesn't drink it (except in certain rare circumstances) and she proceeded to explain why:

At three years old, Lara wanted to try her mother's root beer when they were at A&W. Her mother let her, but shook it up first. The result was root beer going up Lara's nose and to this day, she cannot drink root beer and rarely touches pop.

Her mother has admitted she shook it on purpose. (The woman is clearly brilliant. I'm not sure I would have thought of doing that!)

Lara went on to tell me about her friend who was making lemonade one day when her daughter insisted on having some. She hadn't yet put in the sugar, but there was no convincing her little one. So, she poured her a glass. (My jaw is locking up as I write this. Seriously, I'm not even kidding.) Her DD took a big sip and was horrified by the taste. So, her mom told her it was pop.

Devious? Perhaps, but it was also a funny stroke of genius.

So, let's swap stories today. Have you ever taken cunning steps to make certain food or drink unpalatable for your child(ren)? Did it work?