The Magic of a Cardboard Box

by Amy The kid and I have been looking for activities during our days when I want to get a little work done and she wants some play time. Last night I was unpacking some things from our recent move and I ended up with five cardboard boxes of varying sizes.

So this morning, when she was asking for something to do, I brought them upstairs. I got the idea from Stella and Sam, when Sam's friend Owen brings over boxes in boxes in boxes and he and Sam imagine all sorts of things with them.

Today, for a while this morning and again this evening, these boxes have been great toys. These boxes have been houses, hiding places, spaceships and several times towers that she can then knock over.

Get out the crayons and we can draw on them and make them an arts and crafts project.

I thought she might get some fun out of them, I didn't expect hours of entertainment. Now I'm going to have a hard time recycling them.

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