ABC: Reviving the photo challenge

by Lara One of the very first things I did when we launched Kids in the Capital was start a photo challenge. It was such a great success that I managed to put together a lovely book of photos from so many of our readers to highlight at Blog Out Loud Ottawa in 2010!

I was really happy with my photography that year. I pushed myself to get regular photos and to improve the photos I was taken.  I've slipped since then and with summer vacation around the corner (heck, it's standing outside my door and already rang the doorbell) I've decided to start a new photo challenge!

The concept is exactly the same.

In the next 14 weeks I will get at least one photo I am proud of in each of the categories (in no particular order) in my following ABC list (I'm re-using the list, I think the themes will be fun to try again).

Every week I will present you with photos from 2 categories and I will highlight a few of your photos too. I invite you to join me, post your photos on your own blog, and add them to our Flickr group. (aside: did you know that the lovely photos rotating in our sidebar are kids in the capital reader submitted in our Flickr group? You should join!)

The list:

Art Books Climbing Discovery Eating Friends Green Hugging Inside Jumping Kisses Laughing Mealtime Night Outside Playing Quiet Riding Swinging Trees Umbrella Vehicles Wet Xcited (OH! Cheater!) Yellow Zoom

Will you join me?

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